1, 2, 3 Done! The quickest Satech Industrial Safety Fence on the market


FastGuard 20: saving time while keeping you protected

Time is money. This holds especially true for industrial environments, where machinery can’t be started unless protected by regulation-compliant devices. Industrial Safety Fences act as physical barriers between people and hazard areas. Being complex structures, their assembly impacts how fast the system can be tested and made operational.

When it comes to reducing assembly time of perimeter safety fences, FastGuard 20 is the right fit for you. This Satech Machine Guard with modular panels and no posts saves you up to 70% of assembly time. FastGuard 20 is tested for up to 115 J impacts, which is the standard value required by international standards on industrial safety fences.

Lightweight, quick and regulation compliant

FastGuard 20 is a simple and versatile solution to shield workers from machinery-related hazards.

Designed according to EN ISO 14120 – ANSI/RIA 15.06 standards, it features the classic Satech anti-climb mesh panel with a 0.78” (20 mm) frame mounted on special self-standing baseplates instead of regular posts.

1, 2, 3, done! Assembly in 3 simple steps

Assembling FastGuard 20 is incredibly easy. All you have to do is:

  • place the multi-function baseplates on the ground
  • insert the panel from above
  • tighten the captive built-in fastenings. That’s it!

FastGuard 20 is available in two heights: 80.31’’ and 103.14’’ (2040 and 2620 mm). The greater height comes with an upper flexible steel joint connecting the modular panels on top, giving additional stability to the machine guard. Depending on guard height, the upper connection between modular panels is provided either by an elastic shaped steel joint or by captive retained nuts and bolts. This gives additional stability to the machine guard.

Satech Industrial Safety Fences: designed to save you space

Optimizing the layout of your production area is very important. Like any other Satech Industrial Safety Fence, you can install FastGuard 20 only 4.72” (120 mm) from the hazard area. Save more valuable floor space for your machinery layout!

The favorite Safety Fence among Machinery Manufacturers

We recommend FastGuard 20 for partitioning or to protect areas where the risk of strong impacts is low, e.g. loading/unloading conveyor belts on automatic lines.

A reliable Industrial Safety Fence, FastGuard 20 is the most convenient choice for many manufacturers who sell it in bundles together with their machines, for which we design a dedicated layout.

Satech FastGuard 20 Industrial Safety Fence - Machine Manufacturer Bundle Solution

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