Nuova Gamma di Ripari Satech: la nostra Rivoluzione Positiva

The New Range of Satech Perimeter Guards

A Positive Revolution for Your Industrial Safety

Quicker, Stronger, Smarter:Our Most Comprehensive and Ergonomic Offering

As of January 2024, the new Range of Satech Safety Fences will be officially available for the American market, following an important transformation introduced in 2023 that will offer you the best Satech Experience ever.

We have redesigned our entire range of Products and Systems in order to meet the different needs of every industrial sector. The Assembly Systems are now more ergonomic, quicker to install, and more durable than ever. Two new types of posts – both with a 40 mm or 60 mm section -, a unique three-point square baseplate and post tilt adjustment are just a few of the improvements we have introduced.

  • Pic of the Satech General Catalog for the American market - USAMachineGuards

Radical Change, Gradual Transition

In our new General Catalog, we have introduced of brand new EasyGuard and ImpactGuard framed Systems. Both have been designed in order to deliver unmatched Convenience and Robustness, respectively. EasyGuard and ImpactGuard are the next generation of our highly popular BASIC and STRONG Classic Machine Safety Fences, set for a phased transition. The design of the framed Panels in these new systems includes holes for seamless compatibility with the ones that will be phased out.

Cross-Modular Systems, Unparallaled Versatility

Besides EasyGuard and ImpactGuard, we have revamped and improved all the other Systems, including FastGuard, the no-posts System designed to provide Quick Assembly.

Satech Systems have now become fully "Cross-Modular”, as all their single components are fully interchangeable with each other.

  • Satech Mix and Match: cross-modularity between Satech Systems for full compatibility and endless combinations of use
  • Nuova Gamma di Ripari Satech: design ottimizzato

Simplified Design, Maximum Time Saving

In addition to Standard Systems, we have redesigned our Range of Products and Complements: Doors, Modular Panels, Locking Systems, Accessories and Brackets. The new Doors, for example, are assembled using the ImpactGuard System, with the same post used for fixed as well as movable Guards. Together with the reduction and rationalization of components, this change enables notable saving of time during installation.

Steady Improvement in Products and Processes

Behind the new Commercial Range - also available on our media channels - lies much work done on our ISO 9001 certified processes, touching all Departments of our Company. We have committed ourselves to improve every aspect of our Company: from the design of Systems and Products to the supporting documentation, from management and administrative processes to the information conveyed across our Communication channels.

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The New Satech Range of Safety Fences: Your Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What Are the Availability Dates for the New Range of Satech Systems and Products?

The new Systems, Products and Complements can be ordered in US and Canada starting from the beginning of January 2024.

For up-to-date information, we recommend contacting your sales representative or local distributor. Reach out through our Quick Contact Form!

Are the New Systems and Products More Expensive?

The prices of the new Systems are for the most part unvaried in comparison to the old ones. Some Products are entirely new, but we have worked to define their prices so that they are aligned with the corresponding versions of the phased-out range.

To grant cross-modularity functions and greater functional versatility, we have worked on a new price list that features separated Product Codes. This will result in potential price variations in certain individual offer items.

Are the Old Systems Compatible With the New Ones?

The frame panels with a height of 2080 mm and 2480 mm that were purchased from January 2024 onwards are compatible with the new EasyGuard and ImpactGuard Systems.

The frame panels with a height of 2080 mm and 2480 mm that were purchased before January 2024 are compatible with the new EasyGuard System, but require new drilling to be compatible with the new ImpactGuard System. In this case, it will be necessary to place a separate order for the new "Impact" screws.

The new EasyGuard and ImpactGuard posts with a 40 mm and 60 mm section are compatible with the Clamps of the BASIC and STRONG Systems.

The new ImpactGuard and EasyGuard posts with a 40 mm and 60 mm section featuring new "FlowDrill" threaded holes - are NOT compatible with the screws of the old Systems.

The new Doors can be made compatible with existing perimeters by drilling new holes in the panels that are adjacent to the openings. The new "Impact" screws to connect the door to fixed Perimeter Guards are already included in the "Door in a Box" kits.

How Long Will Spare Parts for Phasing-Out Systems Be Guaranteed?

Spare parts for phasing out Systems will be guaranteed until December 31, 2025, but will be managed as "Standard Non-Stock" items, with longer average order preparation times than new products.

However, Products and Systems of our new range are compatible with/can be easily integrated with those of the old range through specific kits.

Your Satech sales representative will always be available to help you find the best solution for your specific Perimeter needs.

Welcome to a New Satech Era

Through this "Positive Revolution", we have streamlined our entire Product Range: choosing our Industrial Safety Fences is now easier than ever. Our goal? Offering you Products and Services at the highest level.

We Take Care of Everything.

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Global distribution and offer availability

Satech Solutions are distributed in over 40 Countries worldwide, locally.

Systems composition, product availability and technical specifications might vary depending on your geographic area of interest.

Your local Satech Representative is available to help you choose and to provide you with the latest information.