Picture of a perimeter line featuring Satech STRONG Machine Guards surrounding an industrial facility

Satech STRONG Series: The Machine Guard for Automated Environments

The first step in reaching a safe workplace is conducting a proper Risk Assessment to determine exactly what the hazards are. EN ISO 12100 Safety of Machinery – Risk Assessment is a current and relevant industry consensus Standard which can be used as a guide to help identify machine hazards.

Satech’s Modular Machine Guard STRONG Series is a reliable, competitive and high quality Solution when you need to perimeter a high-automated production area with a Regulation compliant Machine Guarding. As well as our BASIC Series, STRONG Series can be assembled with two different fixing options. The “Impact” assembly which is tested for impacts up to 1608 J, and the “Easy” one which saves you 25% assembly time.

1. An example of Satech STRONG Machine Guard Perimeter Installation. 2. Like all Satech Perimeter Safeguarding Solutions, STRONG is also subjected to stringent dynamic resistance tests in the Test Area set up in the Company HQ.

Safety, Great Stability and Regulations Compliance Combined Together in a Bolder Look

  • Satech STRONG, the Machine Guard for Automated Environments

STRONG Series features 60×60 mm “bold” Posts provided with a generous-sized baseplate with reinforcement ribs and up to 6 anchoring points to ensure maximum stability even on higher fencings. The “classic” Satech 20 mm frame Modular Mesh Panel is designed to prevent climbing (EN ISO 14120-5.18) and to ensure full visibility of the hazard area (EN ISO 14120-5.9). Modular design, different door options and a full range of accessories will allow you to perfectly shape this Machine Fencing to your hazard area. Like all Satech protection systems, STRONG is designed according to EN ISO 14120 – ANSI / RIA R15.06, which makes it fully compliant with OSHA requirements.

Quicker Assembly or Resistance to Heavy Impacts: Which Is Your Main Need?

This Robust and versatile Satech Perimeter Guarding Solution versatility is well appreciated by customers thanks to the choice between two assembly options and its full compatibility with doors and accessories.

Easy Assembly

The Easy Assembly with the Captive Retained Quick Clamp is effective yet immediate: just insert the lower clamp on the post, tighten the pre-assembled nut to fix its position, fit the panel into the housings and repeat the operation with the upper clamp.

Impact-Proof Assembly

When you need a Perimeter Fence Solution capable of withstanding heavy duty impacts (i.e. the loss of a heavy load) you can choose the Captive Nuts and Bolts assembly, which has passed the severe 1608J Impact Tests, according to EN ISO 14120 procedure.

Safety Fencing? Space Is Money!

  • Illustration of Safety Distances applied to Guards from the hazard zone as per EN ISO 13857 specifications

Optimizing space is essential in any production environment. STRONG’s 17x97 mm mesh slot allows you to install the Perimeter Safety Fence just 120 mm from danger (EN ISO 13857-4.2.41 “Reaching through regular openings”), saving precious floor space in your plant.

The Robust Modular Machine Guard Solution Designed To Protect Your Production Layout

Each production layout has its unique hazards and you need Machine Guards designed to match your specifications in order to ensure the highest level of safety in your workplace. An indispensable feature to consider when making your choice is evaluate if Perimeter Guards are designed following accepted regulations in order to meet OSHA standards. This is the first requirement that every Satech Modular Machine Guard Solution meets.

STRONG Series’ robustness makes it suitable for heavy-duty applications, especially when your danger zone features notable heightsIntegrators and machine manufacturers particularly appreciate its stability, its modular design and the wide range of accessories available to complete the safety perimeter. A choice of Hinged Doors are designed to grant operators’ access, while Sliding Doors are most suitable for pallet trucks or forklifts passage. It is very common to see our STRONG Solution in automated storage warehouses.

Global distribution and offer availability

Satech Solutions are distributed in over 40 Countries worldwide, locally.

Systems composition, product availability and technical specifications might vary depending on your geographic area of interest.

Your local Satech Representative is available to help you choose and to provide you with the latest information.

  • Satech STRONG Series: The Machine Guard for Automated Environments
  • Installation pic of Satech STRONG, the Machine Guard for Automated Environment, featuring single hinged Door
  • Closeup picture of weight used to perform the Impact Test as per EN ISO 14120 on Satech Systems
  • Closeup shot of Satech STRONG, the Machine Guard for Automated Environment, protecting a robot
  • Installation pic of Satech STRONG positioned around antromoprhic robots in the context of an industrial environment
  • Installation pic of Satech STRONG perimeter placed around conveyor belts in a robotic cell
  • Installation pic of Satech STRONG featuring double hinged door