Disegna 5.0, Your New Free Quotation Software

Disegna 5.0: Your New Free Quotation Software

Following the launch of our New Systems and Products Range, we are proud to introduce the renewed version of our software for Free Quotations. Disegna 5.0 makes your quoting process even simpler and more immediate.

Better User Experience, Simplified Onboarding, Real-Time Information

An entirely renewed User Experience and a new interface that is consistent with our brand's style, designed to give you direct information about our Industrial Safety Fencing Solutions. The Onboarding features short video tutorials and links to the Satech Systems Comparison Table on our website, providing a handy reference to choose the Satech System that best suits your needs.

  • Onboarding flow of Satech Disegna 5.0
  • Menù di Selezione Sistemi di Satech Disegna 5.0

System Selection Menu: Featuring the "NEW RANGE" Library

The new interface lateral panel includes all the Systems of the new Satech 2023 Range, including the EasyGuard and ImpactGuard Safety Fences. Selecting all the features of Satech Systems and Products (such as heights, standard colors, and available Panel options) is now more intuitive and detailed than ever.

Custom Panels: Customization Made Simple

The "Custom Panels" section has been streamlined to provide a faster way of inserting cutout shapes in your Perimeter. You can modify the type, size, and distance of the inserted Custom Panels with just a few clicks.

  • Interface menu to set Custom Panels inside Disegna 5.0, Satech's New Free Quotation Software
  • Doors and Locks selection menu of Disegna 5.0 by Satech

Doors & Locks: Your Perimeter Openings

Inserting Doors now includes a new notification pop-up and a "Magic Pointer" that automatically snaps the Door module to your Perimeter line. The Product library features the entire range of Locking Systems available.

Exporting BOM: A Fast Lane To Get Your Quotation

Through the brand new Export function, you are now able to save your layout and Bill Of Materials (BOM) in a single folder that can be accessed with one click. Additionally, the "Request a Quote" button automatically directs you to the "Quick Contact" form on our website. Drag the exported BOM in the upload section, fill the form and you're all set for a Quotation!

  • Funzionalità di esportazione BOM di Satech Disegna 5.0

A "Positive Revolution" in Features and Service

Disegna 5.0 is not just a simple update: it is part of our "Positive Revolution" that enpowers our users with advanced information and features.

Download Disegna 5.0 for free here

Disegna 5.0 - NEW SYSTEMS

2,62 GB | Includes User Manual (in English) | For Windows
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Disegna 5.0 - User Manual

Last update: October 2023 | In English

Global distribution and offer availability

Satech Solutions are distributed in over 40 Countries worldwide, locally.

Systems composition, product availability and technical specifications might vary depending on your geographic area of interest.

Your local Satech Representative is available to help you choose and to provide you with the latest information.