Satech Company Culture: people and teamwork are the key to our success


2020 wasn’t just our twentieth year as leaders in the industrial safety fences market. It also marked a brand-new start for our company: one in which we decided to put people at the center of everything and make our Company Culture and teamwok one of our stronger assets. 

After moving our headquarters to a new Industry 4.0 facility and implementing a new ERP management software, we carried out a third major shift in the way we work as a modern company. By incorporating active listening, honest feedback and participatory activities in our day-to-day, we have been building a work environment where everybody is valued for their contribution and encouraged to give their best. 

Responsibility, Sharing, Positivity, Commitment, Discipline as well as Integrity, Recognition and Opportunity are only some of the positive values that we have chosen in our Company Culture to inspire and inform what we do. We strive to deliver great products and services and, by doing so, to make our customers even happier.

One of the 43 posters hung in our headquarters as part of an internal communication campaign, named #IAMSATECH. Each of them features a certain value (e.g. authoritativeness), its textbook definition and some lines of advice on how the Satech staff can nurture said value in their day-to-day work.

Pursuing a Company Culture of Excellence through precision and detail

As part of an Italian region with an extensive and successful manufacturing history, precision and attention to detail come naturally to us. That’s why our staff is trained in crafting products that meet the highest quality standards from the first step to the last before shipping. Whether after painting, pre-assembling a given component (ex. doors) or packing everything, we put in place multiple controls of the strictest kind. We strive to make sure that the final product is perfect and fully compliant to quality requirements.

To make things seamless and efficient, our extensive IoT infrastructure allows to streamline all productive processes by connecting all the parts involved, while the 5000 sq. meters warehouse offers plenty of space to stock all the products and components.

Our Office Staff meets the same standards of accuracy. The Technical Department specializes in delivering tailor-made solutions made with stock-ready products. Additionally, it can also design custom components if specific needs demand for them. Our Customer Service assists our customers with real-time updates on order status and shipping, administrative documentation and technical advice.

Left image: the Satech Picking team. Their hard work in our warehouse ensures that products are packed perfectly and ready for shipping.
Right image: the Satech Sales Back Office team (with our former Production Director, Gianfranco Monte). Responsible for managing quotes and contacting customers, they act as a bridge between our Quotations and Design Department and our Production Warehouse.

Providing World Class Service to customers through teamwork

Working efficiently and precisely is not enough by itself to guarantee high-standard outputs. Effective problem-solving and quick decision-making are as important to maintain market leadership. And when it comes to that, communication and a collaborative attitude with other people are vital skills that need attention and continuous refinement.

Throughout the last months, we have been launching a series of projects – named World Class Service – aimed at working together to improve internal workflows and onboarding/training activities. By allowing everybody to have a say both in defining issues and in proposing potential solutions, we have been able to design a series of interventions that are already bringing notable impact to our organization. Once again, improving the way we work means that we are able to provide our customers with World Class Service.

Members of the two teams who took part in the World Class Service project.

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