Sistemi per Macchinari conformi a EN ISO 14120 ed EN ISO 13857

Safety Standards

Machine Safety Fences Compliant With OSHA Requirements (ANSI/RIA R15.06 - EN ISO 14120 Standards)

U.S. and International Regulations mandate the use of protective Safety Fences around machinery, adhering to precise construction standards and safety distance guidelines. Without these Fences, machinery can't be operated.

For example, Perimeter Guarding needs to:

  • Be constructed in a way that prevents climbing EN ISO 14120-5.18
  • Include retained fasteners when disassembled EN ISO 14120-5.19
  • Allow clear visibility of production processes EN ISO 14120-5.2.4
  • Be positioned at a safe distance from hazardous areas EN ISO 13857

EN ISO 14120 (excerpts)

General requirements for the design and construction of fixed and movable guards

  • Rimozione dei componenti delle Protezioni Perimetrali Satech - EN ISO 14120-5.3.9


EN ISO 14120-5.3.9

Demountable fixed parts of Guards shall only be removable with the use of a tool. Fixed Guards shall be designed to prevent easy removal.
  • Rigidezza delle Protezioni Perimetrali Satech - EN ISO 14120-5.4.3


EN ISO 14120-5.4.3

(...) Guard frames (...) and infill materials shall be selected and arranged to provide a rigid and stable structure and to resist deformation.
  • Visibilità del macchinario delle Protezioni Perimetrali Satech - EN ISO 14120 5.9

Machine viewing

EN ISO 14120-5.9

Where viewing of machine operation is required through the Guard, materials shall be selected with suitable properties. If (...) wire mesh is used, this should be of adequate open area and suitable colour to permit viewing. Viewing will be enhanced if the perforate material is darker than the area observed.
  • Reti Antiarrampicamento della Protezioni Perimetrali Satech - EN ISO 14120 5.18


EN ISO 14120-5.18

Climbing on guards shall, as far as practicable, be inhibited by design. Considerations shall be given to this possibility in their construction and the selection of materials and shapes. For example, by eliminating horizontal structural members and the horizontal component of mesh fabric from the outside surface of the guard, climbing is made more difficult.

Operating Force

EN ISO 14120,

Movable guards or removable sections of guards shall be designed to permit ease of operations.

Impact resistance

EN ISO 14120, 5.4.2

Guards shall, as far as practicable, be designed and the material selected to withstand and contain reasonably foreseeable impacts and ejections (...).

Noise reduction

EN ISO 14120, 5.16

Where necessary, materials shall be selected to provide noise and vibration reduction and (…) minimize effects of resonance which can transmit or amplify noise.

EN ISO 13857 (excerpts)

Safety distances to prevent hazard zones being reached by upper and lower limbs

Reaching over protective structures

EN ISO 13857, 4.2.2

Reaching through regular openings

EN ISO 13857,

Protezioni Perimetrali Satech - EN ISO 13857_Accesso attraverso aperture regolari
The size of the opening “e” refers to the side of a square opening, the diameter of a circular opening, or the smallest dimension of a slot opening. For openings exceeding 120 mm, safety distances should be implemented as outlined in section 4.2.2.
* If the length of the slot opening is ≤ 65 mm, the thumb serves as a stop. In such cases, the safety distance for protective structures can be reduced to 200 mm, offering significant space savings.
    • EasyGuard
    • ImpactGuard
    • FastGuard
    Minimum safety distance 120mm

Maximize Space with Reduced Distances

Our mesh slots, available for Framed Systems, are engineered to enable the installation of Machine Guards closer to hazards. This design allows for more efficient use of floor space around your machinery.

Safety distances to prevent access by lower limbs

EN ISO 13857, 4.3

When upper limb access through an opening isn’t feasible, the safety distances for lower limbs can be determined using the values in the provided Table.

e” denotes the same types of openings as described in section

* When the width of the narrower slot is 75 mm or less, the distance can be reduced to a minimum of ≥ 50 mm.
* * Slot openings with an "e" greater than 180 mm, as well as square or round openings with "e" exceeding 240 mm, are large enough to permit whole body access.

Other Standards of Reference

  • Ispettore intento ad eseguire una Valutazione dei Rischi secondo la Normativa EN ISO 12100 - Satech

EN ISO 12100

Principles for Risk Assessment and Evaluation in Machine Design

  • EN ISO 10218-2 - Protezioni perimetrali per robot industriali - Satech

EN ISO 10218-2

Safety Requirements for Industrial Robots


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