Salute e Sicurezza sul lavoro: la Norma UNI ISO 45001 a Satech

Occupational Safety and Health: the UNI ISO 45001 Standard in Our Company

Occupational Workplace Safety and Health have become increasingly crucial for companies, regardless of the sector. Effective safety management is not merely a requirement, but a fundamental responsibility. Its goal is to avert accidents and dangerous scenarios that could compromise the well-being of employees and the overall integrity of the workplace.

Safety in the Context of Industrial Environments

In an industrial environment, where hazards are ever-present, adopting specific measures and practices is essential for safeguarding occupational safety and health. This involves more than just evaluating the environment; it entails a comprehensive Risk Analysis that encompasses all aspects, from the handling of hazardous substances to the management of automated equipment and material handling.

  • Salute e Sicurezza sul lavoro: rischi associati ad ambienti industriali

Risk Analysis: Not Just a Formality

Risk Analysis goes beyond just a bureaucratic task. It represents a structured approach to identifying and assessing potential risks, forming the foundation for specific preventive actions aimed at ensuring safety and health in industrial workplaces. This practice is crucial not only for maintaining safety but also for adhering to compliance Regulations like the UNI ISO 45001 Standard.


UNI EN ISO 45001

A Standard Designed For Safety

The UNI ISO 45001 Standard represents an International Standard outlining the requirements for the Occupational Health and Safety Management System. This standard highlights the critical role of Risk Analysis within the ongoing improvement cycle. Compliance with this Standard enables companies to align their operations with established safety norms, aiming for an elevated safety level and a reduction in workplace incidents.

UNI EN ISO 45001

Satech's Commitment: More Than Mere Compliance

Being providers of Industrial Safety Solutions, we are deeply involved in addressing industrial workplace safety and health concerns on a regular basis. Our company is committed to adhering to the Standards of the UNI ISO 45001:2018, in conjunction with our ISO 14001 Environmental Management System. It is our goal to ensure that every facet of the industrial workplace, from equipment to procedures, is meticulously crafted to protect the well-being of all individuals and the environment surrounding our operations.

Our daily commitment is to integrate Safety and Sustainability into all our activities. We strive to guarantee a working environment that is both protected and responsible.
Pamela Mandelli, Satech Safety Manager

  • Distributore di Dispositivi di Protezione Individuale (DPI) implementato da Satech per garantire la Salute e Sicurezza sul lavoro
  • Example of Personal Protective Equipment employed by Satech to grant Industrial Workplace Safety and Health
  • Example of Personal Protective Equipment employed by Satech to grant Industrial Workplace Safety and Health

Day-to-day Measures to Ensure Safety

Managing the safety of numerous employees in an industrial setting can certainly be demanding. Nevertheless, the Regulations we follow provide direction and assist us in developing risk management strategies and executing suitable procedures.

In the context of distributing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) within an industrial environment, we've opted for the use of automated dispensers that are operated through employees' badges.

This approach to management enables us to significantly reduce waste and maintain tight control over PPE inventory, ensuring the safety and health of workers in industrial settings. In our industrial environment, we focus on implementing various proactive preventive strategies to bolster safety and security. It goes without saying that Machine Guards play a crucial role. These devices are vital for protecting our automated machinery, forming a critically important part of our safety procedures. Their purpose is to guarantee a safe and efficient working environment.

Training and Monitoring Activities

Another crucial facet of industrial workplace Safety and Health is training. Through frequent meetings and the involvement of our teams in the industrial workplace, we are able to share updated information across all levels of responsibility and seniority. Continuous monitoring in the industrial workplace is based on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), which allows us to formulate corrective actions with an appropriate amount of awareness.

  • Workshop on Workplace Safety and Health held at Satech
  • Workshop on Workplace Safety and Health held at Satech
  • Workshop on Workplace Safety and Health held at Satech

Occupational Safety and Health at Satech is not just a product we offer: it is a commitment we take seriously. Because safeguarding people in an industrial workplace is as important as process efficiency. A Safe Factory is a Productive One.

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  • Salute e Sicurezza sul lavoro: rischi associati ad ambienti industriali