Installation of Satech Machine Guards with 2220 mm height

H.2220 Machine Guards

The NEW Reference Height of Our Perimeter Guarding Systems

Starting February 24th 2023, H.2220 (87.4”) will be the new reference height of Satech Machine Guards for the American market.

(Please note that we’re talking about the Guard height, made of 2240 mm/88.19” Posts and 2080 mm/81.9” Panels). In response to the growing demand for taller options from our global customer base, we have chosen to incorporate their suggestions and implement standardized offerings.

New Framed Panels, Increased Stiffness

At our company, we are dedicated to providing high-quality panels that are both lightweight and sturdy. Our panels have become well-known for their durability and ease of use. To further improve upon our already exceptional product, we have made a small yet significant change to our tried-and-tested mesh. Our nominal mesh size is now 20×100 mm (0.79” x 3.98”), and the slot size has been reduced to 17×97 mm (0.67” x 3.81”). The increased number of vertical mesh wires resulting from this change has made our panels even stiffer and more durable than before.

  • Graphic image of the new Satech framed mesh with a 20x100 mm size (17 x 97 mm mesh slot)
  • Satech Fences allow to install Guards at a reduced distance from hazard area, thus saving floor space

H.2220 Saves You Valuable Space For Your Machinery

Consider a hazard area that’s 1800 mm (70.86”) mm tall. As per EN ISO 13857, a Perimeter Guard with a 2040 mm (80.31”) height must be installed at a 600 mm (23,62”) distance. By contrast, a 2220 mm (87,4”) Guard can be installed only 120 mm from hazard. In a 5×5 m robotic cell, the amount of saved space would be 10 to 12 square meters.

New Features, Same Quality Machine Guards

With the new mesh and height, we are excited to offer you the same high-quality products you can reliably expect from us. All our products are manufactured with quality materials and designed for durability and ease of assembly. By choosing Satech, you’ll enjoy Solutions distilled from our twenty years of experience in the Perimeter Machine Guards market.

  • Altezza 2220 mm, la nuova altezza di riferimento delle Protezioni Perimetrali Satech

Global distribution and offer availability

Satech Solutions are distributed in over 40 Countries worldwide, locally.

Systems composition, product availability and technical specifications might vary depending on your geographic area of interest.

Your local Satech Representative is available to help you choose and to provide you with the latest information.